Information about Land2Farm


What is Land2Farm?

Welcome to the Land2Farm Platform! We are an innovative couple pairing landowners with beekeepers and ranchers to help them secure agriculture tax benefits, generate passive income, and promote land conservation. All parties can benefit by joining our marketplace and here is how:


  • Do you have vacant, undeveloped land?
  • Do you want to save on your property taxes or generate passive lease income?
  • Do you want to help promote land conservation?

If you respond yes to any or all of the above, then our marketplace will be the place to help you put your land to great use. All you need to do is create an account, list your property, and wait for our beekeepers and ranchers to reach out to you. 

By placing honeybees or cattle on your property, we will help you save up to 99% on your property tax. If you already receive agriculture tax exemptions, you can still put honeybees or cattle on your land to generate lease income and help us promote conservation!

Beekeepers and Ranchers!

  • Are you a licensed commercial beekeeper/rancher or have a licensed commercial agriculture business?
  • Are you constantly looking for more land to station, raise, and grow your practice?

Our marketplace is designed to be a resource for beekeepers and ranchers that are looking for land to rent in order to host their commercial agriculture businesses. By creating an account on the Land2Farm Marketplace, you will have access to all available land from all over the U.S. listed here. It is as simple as signing in, shopping for the location, and then contacting the landowner - all which can be done seamlessly through our marketplace.

Not one of the individuals listed above?
Our marketplace can still be useful to you if you are looking for land for other types of agriculture not listed above. Our landowners have the option to list their lands for a myriad of uses, from cattle farming to hosting a tree nursery. Sign up now to see what is being offered.

Disclaimer: Rental Agreements
Consider whether you want renters to sign a rental agreement. If so, you should make these requirements clear in you Property Rules before finalizing a booking. Laws governing these subjects vary widely depending on where your property is located, so be sure to contact an attorney familiar with your local laws and regulations.

For more information on how to use our platform, please visit our "How It Works" page.