Seeking an Organic and Vegan beekeeper to establish my land

I have a honeybee colony living in the void of my chimney. I am seeking an organic and vegan honeybee keeper to relocate the honeybees from the house into my backyard. Almost an acre of land abutting conservation land with a river running through it. Will pay for the relocation if done property and 100% from start to finish, then I am requesting $50/month to maintain the existing colony in their new location (my backyard) and $25/month additional for each new colony you would like to start onto the land.

State: Massachusetts
County: Norfolk
Land Size (Acres): 1.0
Available Starting: Sep 26, 2020
Desired Length of Rental (Years): 99.0
Suitable Agricultural Uses (Select all that apply):
Bee Apiary/Forage Lands
Livestock Grazing
Row Crops
Timber Lands
Property Characteristics:
In Natural State
Water Available
Vehicular Access
Other Features
Additional Rental Terms: I would like to learn how to bring more pollinators to my land and help the honeybees thrive
Listing created Sep 26, 2020

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Eric Frye

1 year ago

Just to inform you $100.00 a month is extremely high $1200 a year. where if lucky a hive may make $360 worth of honey a year.

Gene Doyle

1 year ago

To have a beekeeper keep bees on your property you can expect to receive a couple of gallons of honey (Varies by area) from the honey harvested from that property. Beekeepers need to be able keep enough hives on a property to make it worth their time to come and manage them which is labor intensive and expensive. Typically this means twenty to forty hives placed in a single location. Benefits to the property owner are free pollination, potential tax deduction, enjoyment from watching the bees and helping them thrive.

Sergii Danylenko

1 year ago

100% method works if you can find a queen and put her in the hive body with old wax frames. The bees will follow in themselves. There are some tricks for bees family transfer but it needs some extra time and experience. Good luck!

M m

1 year ago

I am not interested in taking the honey away from the honeybees. My sole objective is to relocate the existing honeybee colony from their current location (somewhere in the chimney void and expanding through the attic walls) to a new location preferably, in my backyard. I want to coordinate a strategic plan with an experienced and caring professional who will take the time to act conservatively and in the best interest of the honeybees. The safety, health and well-being of the entire colony is my utmost concern. I do not want to leave any bee behind and I am willing to pay top dollar to have this done with careful precision and pristine accuracy. Once they are relocated to their new habitat (ideally, in my backyard), then it will be up to the beekeeper to care for and maintain the hive as frequently as he/she wishes. I would like to learn as much as possible, but I do not wish to disturb or disrupt the honeybees in any way (after they are settled in to their new location), however, if the beekeeper is interested in taking the honey from the bees (or from the existing location which there must be plenty), then that is up to him or her . I only want to help the honeybees and provide them with a wonderful habitat for them to thrive and continue on for the next generation to infinity.

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